The Jeweled Feather is the most recently discovered item in the set. Divined by Emperor Hireecen, this item was described as a jeweled feather to the adventuring party sent off to find it. The item was said to be found on the island where the Insect King of the Nightmare King battled the S.W.D.A. The island goes by many names including the Island of No Return, The Island of Death, and The Cursed Island. Its powers of the item are still unknown but are expected to hold great power. The item is supposidely based off a power divine warrior.

Recently in game the adventurers discovered that the feather is supposidly located in a village of fey located on the island. It has been suggested that the feather has caused the island to start acting strangely, for the people to hide it, and for massive creatures including a giant lizard to begin attacking the village. The group received what they thought was the item from the leader of the Jungle Fey and went off to the cave of the creature to kill it. After exploring inside the cave the group met with an angel Ulrael and attempted to speak with him. After some failed diplomatic measures the group battled with Ulrael and looted his body. It was determined that the jeweled feather from the village was not the true cursed item and instead have narrowed their search down to a few possibilities. The item is either one of the many prismatical feathers that fell from the angel upon his death; the strange feather shaped metallic/crystaline multicolored elemental holy symbol hidden behind Ulraels sternum; or the holy symbol depicting a silver metallic female angel with crystaline hair and twin sword, and gemmed wings with each part being either white or black. The collection of prismatic feathers is in Antenora's possession, the elemental holy symbol is in Kelkenna's possession, and the village's feather and angelic holy symbol is within Dame Invidia's possession. Each item was attempted to be spoken to but nothing has seemed to happen.

Teleport to Creation Location:

It is rumored that each of the items holds the ability to create a portal from one location to the location of the item's creation.