Player's in Attendance:
Sterling- Ghy'er, DM, Khagida

Dane- Teodahr

Colin- Tyrval


The session began with a small part of backstory that ended on the second night of the Great Orchard Festival. Tyrval, Teodahr, and Ghy'er found themselves with a cultist of the Crimson Hand, whom they interrogated until Tyrval couldn't take the words of the cultist and he smashed in his skull. A mysterious "friend" of Ghy'er appeared and spoke to the group. They sought out their vessel docked in the Krakenau harbor, and found that it was in the process of being commandeered by orcs. The heroes slaughtered the would be pirates and then split up as the city fell into utter chaos as massive dragons were seen flying in the night skies. Soon word went out that the Countess Hedron had died, and that those same dragons mentioned earlier arrived in the Hedron compound. Tyrval and Teodahr suspect the cult of Tiamat with working with the Baron Thy'kus. Could this be true? Can such an evil man exist? Find out next time on Brandon's WoW Campaign!

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